Laser Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are quite remarkable. Given their position, strength for their size and the amount of stress we put them under from what we eat and drink, its incredible that we can keep them in such good condition our entire lives.

The most common problem adults have with their teeth isn’t positioning or pain, but simply their colour. Getting whiter teeth used to be very hard work and very laborious, but now thanks to the power of the laser we have a safer treatment option.

Teeth whitening was originally (and in many places still is) carried out using a bleaching agent that is rubbed on to the teeth. It erodes stains on the surface area but is also problematic in that it leaves teeth extremely sensitive. This treatment will also create problem as the solution will usually come in to contact with gums and cause bleeding or irritation.

Laser teeth whitening is changing how we can get teeth to look healthy by adding a level of precision that wasn’t previously there. Because a laser can be pinpoint accurate, it can better target differing shades on sections of the tooth. Most discolouration occurs closer to the area of the crown that comes in contact with gums, which can lead to a “transitional” appearance for discolouration on the tooth, and in the ridges of the teeth that bits of food and drink can get stuck in.

Someone considering this type of teeth whitening should know that the effects can last for up to three years before teeth become susceptible to the impacts of lifestyle again.

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